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Wristbands Rock!

I am now officially a member at Game On Social Hub, using my new membership name “Tivia Travels”.

What makes this membership different from my others? Something cool…rather than logging in with a membership card, I received this GOSH branded wristband with an RFID chip embedded in it so I can easily carry my membership right on my arm. The only thing better than tag swag is functional tag swag!

I held my wristband up to the reader at their membership terminal and set up my member info.

Can I just say, wristbands rock! This is a really clever and convenient way to keep my membership easily available and prevent the constant loss of cards (it happens all the time) while also promoting the business (the logo is always right in front of you). It’s a smart idea that feels like a cool perk while just making good sense all the way around.

I used my wristband to check out all the achievements I could try to complete before heading in to my first game as “Tivia Travels”. Ready? Let’s go!

I’m was joined by Scuba and Reason along with a couple other players who happened to pick the most fitting pack names for this weekend. That first game was simply about breaking in the membership and seeing what I could accomplish right out of the gate. The answer is 14 achievements…someone tell me if that’s any kind of record! ;)

We returned to the member terminal to see what exactly I had achieved. Not too shabby!

The kicker is I missed this one by only one percentage point, getting 89% accuracy instead of 90%. Careless on my part.

Well, now that I had my first game in as a member at this site, the rest of the games we played were just great fun. I love this arena and the experiences I had here this entire trip.

This is a great place to enjoy food, fun, friends and of course…laser tag!

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