An Interview with Bob Cooney, Co-Founder and Former CEO of Laser Storm

Bob Cooney, co-founder and former CEO of Laser Storm made time for an interview with me during last month’s Amusement Expo in New Orleans to reflect on the 30th anniversary of Laser Storm and the history of this system. Enjoy this latest installment of the Oral History of Laser Tag video series! Comments or Questions? Contact: Websites: and

A Quest to Make A Difference

One of my favorite things to do is play laser tag in support of a worthwhile cause. On my last trip I was able to tag to help not just one, but two great causes. The final stop of this journey ended with me tagging at Laser Quest Phoenix at a fundraiser for the Doreen Katz Memorial Cancer Foundation. This charitable organization helps the children of parents who have been diagnosed with any form of cancer and was founded by Adam Katz in memory of his late wife, Doreen, who was from my area of upstate New York. I arrived at the LQ site and was immediately greeted by Adam. There were a few participants already there, however this event was significantly impacted by the concerns about the coron

Hey Dude, I’m Tagging in Tucson!

I had my first opportunity to play laser tag using a vestless Veqtor X Blaster while in Tucson, Arizona. And even though that was an amazing and unexpected surprise, you may be shocked to hear that laser tag was actually NOT the main reason that I traveled to this town. I’ll start with the tag talk and then at the end of this post I’ll share the real reason I drove out to Tucson in the first place, which fulfilled a dream I’ve had since childhood and dates back almost as far as my connection with Photon! My day started with a trip out into the desert to see one of the coolest non-tag related places I could have asked to visit, but as for what I’d call the coolest laser tag site in Tucson, it

Saturday Night at Stratum

To reiterate an important timeline, the Saturday night I’m talking about here actually took place about a month ago, which I think needs to be noted at this point in time. Saturday night at Stratum was something that I really looked forward to. Since the last time I was here they have installed the new Helios 2 equipment and this would be an opportunity to spend the evening experiencing the system in an amazing arena. Stratum is the world’s largest technotainment laser tag arena and is quite an experience! Although they do not permit photos inside the arena, you get the sense you are entering something special from the moment you “leave reality” and enter the vesting room via this sense-dist

The Rest of The Story…Tagging Face to Face and in Virtual Reality

It has actually been over a month now since this story happened, but it’s been difficult to motivate to finish sharing the remaining adventures from my last trip that took place shortly before the self-quarantine kicked in for most of our country. I tried to convince myself that I was stretching these blog posts out, but honestly I’ve felt more like I’ve been stuck in a time trap ever since getting home. However, now I would like to finish writing about the last leg of my trip that took me to Arizona. I think that the context and time frame of these events is important to note because when this all was happening things were still business as usual…if only by a matter of a few days. Where I l

Interesting Reading…and “Still I Can Do Something”

I recently received my April edition of RePlay Magazine and was looking forward to reading the coverage of last month’s Laser Tag Convention and Amusement Expo. However, we are now living in a crazy time when I have started setting mail aside for a couple of days to be extra cautious, so I didn’t have a chance to read the magazine right away. Now that I have, I want to thank them for including a photo and mention of my video series in this month’s issue. I’m appreciative to see that included along with all the other expo coverage in this magazine, which to a large extent featured events that took place prior to everything in our country changing so dramatically. This was a little surreal to

At-Home Laser Tag from An Unexpected Place

This entry is a little out of sequence, but timely. During my last trip I stopped at a couple of Main Event locations in Gilbert and Avondale, AZ. I’ve been a little critical in the past about how I feel all of their laser tag locations pretty much look alike and I was going to simply illustrate that with one word… again. However, I read something this morning in today’s Instant RePlay newsletter that made me think twice and I want to commend them on what they are doing at their Plano, TX location. Here is the article… So, the two things that really caught my attention here are, first that they are delivering and providing free game play c

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