Closing Out the End of the Season

This weekend marks the end of the season for tactical outdoor tag at Peterpaul Recreation Park in Rome, so I wanted to return for one last night before it was over until next year. I really couldn’t have asked for a better Saturday evening, tagging outside in the cool night air. We had a full capacity group of 20 players for the first half of the night and the rest of us played right up until closing time. Sean Jr. had my Battle Rifle Pro loaded up with my Call Sign account before I even signed in, so I was ready to go! And it really is a lot more fun getting to play with a group of this size, which is also entirely reasonable to accommodate with such a large outdoor field. We got in six gam

LQ Memories

This week Laser Quest (Versent Corporation) confirmed via their website and social media that they will not be able to reopen their sites in North America, all of which are currently closed. However, two other important pieces of information also accompany this news. First, that eight of their U.S. sites will re-open under new ownership and second, that three of their Canadian sites have been purchased by Planet Lazer. Presumably this means that those Canadian sites will likely be operating with Lasertron equipment, but I’d like to foc

Scent of a Laser

Ok, I know this barely qualifies as being about laser tag, but I promise to bring it back around to tag by the end. Yesterday I was walking through ULTA (not the ILTA, but ULTA the cosmetics store) and I saw a display for Ariana Grande’s new perfume called R.E.M. which caught my attention. After all, it had a space princess shooting a laser gun at a crystal...did anyone NOT expect me to buy this? I work in advertising so I appreciate when I see good creative marketing and this hit the mark with me. There is no question that the only reason I looked twice at this bottle was the eye-catching display with the laser tag connection featuring the space themed, comic-style art designs of Cheyne Gal

Tag is Back in Albany!

Playing a full night of laser tag followed by sushi at my favorite restaurant in Albany somehow made me feel like something that has been missing from my life for the past few months has finally been restored. These are the two activities that I have missed the most since March. I have been able to play a few sporadic games of laser tag as a handful of entertainment venues have gradually started re-opening in NY, however these games have been way too few and far between. That’s why when I heard that Apex Entertainment in Albany had re-opened I made a beeline for it this weekend, vowing to play every game I could for the duration of the night. I enjoyed playing with a variety of players and g

Laser Tag Cookies!

I have been known to say that my only domestic quality is that I live in a house, so you might not expect me to be someone who spends a lot of time baking cookies…and yet, that is exactly what I did this weekend. This is definitely not my typical kind of post, but when you can’t play as much laser tag as you want you have to find other ways to fill your time. A few weeks back I had an idea and I spent some time sketching out line drawings of a few of my favorite phaser designs which I sent to a woman on Etsy to have custom made into laser tag cookie cutters. As soon as they arrived I couldn’t wait to try them out! It’s been awhile since I baked any homemade cookies, so I turned to another bl

The Six Minute “Tournament”

Well, I suppose technically my winning tournament streak came to an end last night. Let me qualify that…I had taken first place in several small tournaments in a row between February and mid-March and then of course COVID put a halt to my participating in any tournaments that I might have wanted to do later in the year, so that’s the only reason that my winning streak had held for so long. However, I was surprised by the series of events that resulted in my playing in (and…spoiler alert… ultimately losing) a tournament that only lasted six minutes in total. I should preface the rest of this by saying two things. First, I had no real skin in this game in as much as I was called to fill-in on

The Results Are In!

Congratulations! The results are in from the first ever Tiviachick Loves Laser Tag Top Ten Arena Contest. I posted the results immediately on the contest page right after the voting concluded, but I’d like to take a moment now to recognize all the winners and participants once again. I’d also like to thank everyone who took the time to vote. Every arena got votes from their fans! We received ballots from across 21 states and five countries! The idea behind this contest was to spark some positivity and appreciation for the laser tag industry while showcasing some really impressive laser tag arenas. The top ten arena finalists in each category were determined by

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