The Laser Tag Audio Drama Continues

I hope you enjoy the latest installment of the Chicagoland Grand Scrim laser tag audio drama! If you can’t actually play laser tag right now you can at least live some tournament adventures vicariously by listening to episode three of this mock sports radio broadcast. Comments or Questions? Contact: Websites: and

Remembering an Innovator

This week the laser tag industry said goodbye to one of its true innovators with the passing of Mr. Jeff Schilling, founder of Creative Works. I never actually had the chance to meet this man in person, but his work left an indelible mark on my life. I would say at least 60% (and that percentage is probably even higher) of the laser tag locations where I have played over the years have included the arena designs of Creative Works. Any time I have made a reference in this blog to “those walls” I have been referring to the familiar aesthetic of the design work of Jeff Schilling’s company that is responsible

Limited Edition Lazer Tag Inspired Pins

I do love a limited edition, so you can imagine how excited I was to find these limited edition Lazer Tag inspired Lazer Blaster enamel pins designed by an artist whose work I recently discovered on Etsy. These pins are the creation of a very talented artist named Nathan Anderson and if you are a fan of all things from 80’s pop culture (as I am) his work will likely resonate with you. You will also recognize that in this context I am spelling “Lazer” with a Z because this is specifically harkening back to the Worlds of Wonder Lazer Tag brand from 1986. I asked the the artist to tell me about what inspired him to create these pins. “I love the vintage Lazer Tag so much, still a futuristic and

Sunshine, Fresh Air and Laser Tag

What could be better than soaking up some sunshine and fresh air outside on a beautiful day? How about adding some outdoor laser tag! That was how this group and I spent an afternoon out at Peterpaul Recreation Park in Rome, NY. This place is a summer tradition in the town where I grew up. It has been part of the community for over 40 years. Although I must admit the last time I had been here myself was when I was still in high school watching my boyfriend being “so cool” hitting (and missing) pitches in the batting cages. But a LOT has changed since then, including the owners. Last year the business was taken over by Sean and Tammy Arnold and their family. This outdoor fun park was already

Cybertag Me!

I recently had an opportunity to play a few private games of Cybertag with the owner and family of Tag Me 607 in Cortland, NY and it was such a great time! First, let me say that I am in favor of wearing masks because I would rather be a little more cautious, regardless of what anyone else requires. Walt (the owner) told me he encourages masks and he also wore one the entire time I was there. So I decided to just work with the look and take it a bit further with a headband to turn it into a Photon throwback... Tivia: Social distancing and tagging from behind a mask since 1986. Just a little ironic humor for those who recognize the origin of my code name. :) Shout out to the original Tivia, L

New Addition Brings Back Memories

I have had a VERY interesting week so far and look forward to seeing what happens next. Right now let me share something I’m excited to add to my collection. This classic Laser Blast pack was obtained from an FEC in the Missouri area. Since I played there during one of my more recent travels (relatively speaking) and they had a newer version of this system I presume this is one of the many packs they had left over after they upgraded. I’m always appreciative when packs become available for me to add to my personal collection. Some have been gifts and others I have sought out. They not only represent moments in time for the laser tag industry, but for me personally I love to look at them fond

An Interview with Alexey Tereschenkov of LASERWAR Laser Tag

I would like to thank Alexey Tereschenkov, Business Director for LASERWAR Laser Tag in Russia for taking time for an interview with me to discuss the company he and his twin brother, Sergey Tereschenkov, launched in 2008. I am hoping to be able to play their indoor Cybertag system before too long! ;) In the meantime, enjoy this latest addition to the Laser Tag Museum’s Oral History of Laser Tag series. Comments or Questions? Contact: Websites: and

Chicagoland Grand Scrim: A Laser Tag Audio Drama

I’ve had a blast being part of the cast for the “2018 Chicagoland Grand Scrim” mock-radio drama following the “live action” of a laser tag tournament from the perspective of sports radio announcers. For the past few weeks, even though actually playing laser tag was not possible, I was still able to be part of something that is creatively keeping the spirit of the game alive through theater of the mind. This multi-episode project was written by Daniel “MamaHydra” Leach who portrays the play-by-play announcer, Mark Agnew. Tiana Daniels is playing sideline reporter, Jessica MacDonald. Meanwhile I play the part of color commentator Renee Roccasalva. This episode was engineered by Chris Wheeler f

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