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Chicagoland Grand Scrim: A Laser Tag Audio Drama

I’ve had a blast being part of the cast for the “2018 Chicagoland Grand Scrim” mock-radio drama following the “live action” of a laser tag tournament from the perspective of sports radio announcers. For the past few weeks, even though actually playing laser tag was not possible, I was still able to be part of something that is creatively keeping the spirit of the game alive through theater of the mind.

This multi-episode project was written by Daniel “MamaHydra” Leach who portrays the play-by-play announcer, Mark Agnew. Tiana Daniels is playing sideline reporter, Jessica MacDonald. Meanwhile I play the part of color commentator Renee Roccasalva.

This episode was engineered by Chris Wheeler from Anagram Sound. It picks up with game 2 of the tournament inspired by the LQ competitive scene. There will be more episodes to come, so I invite you to follow along and live some tournament action vicariously through our mock-radio audio presentations. Enjoy!

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