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From Tactical Tag to Tiaras

Typically when I add a laser tag stop before or after a pageant event I end up looking like a completely out-of-place newbie player who didn’t know how to dress properly for laser tag…today was no exception. :)

My friend (and Miss Finger Lakes sister) Vicky was competing for the title of Mrs. New York and I wanted to support her, so I made the drive to Rochester, figuring I could start the day by checking out an outdoor arena I had not been able to visit previously and then I would continue on to the pageant venue afterwards. That’s why I showed up on a tactical field looking like this!

I arrived at the Clubhouse in Greece, NY, looking forward to starting my day with a couple of missions. I smiled when I noticed a familiar face on their vinyl banner out front.

Do I spy Zach? I sure do!

Timing was perfect that I could play the first session of the day with enough time to get back before the start of the pageant, so when they opened the outdoor activities at noon I was ready.

This was a gorgeous day for checking out their outdoor field. I was joined by local players Emma, Sean and Kevin. It was also a wonderful surprise that the game master was Kimmie who I remembered from ages ago when she worked at my first laser tag home, Fun Junction. :)

The field was well sized for this group with a militaristic theme and a well-balanced design.

I positioned myself for strategic shots…

…however, something seemed a bit off. The first game was…a draw? No shots landed by either team? It’s been a few months since I played using Battle Company gear, but still…could my aim really be THAT off? We played three five-minute games and I am embarrassed to say it took me until game three to realize what was happening.

Notice anything?

That’s right, I had been placed on the blue team and completely failed to notice that my tagger was lit up red! Facepalm! That’s why I wasn’t tagging my opponents and they weren’t tagging me either…we were inadvertently playing on the same team!

Well, it happens. I blame myself for not realizing this sooner, but for what it’s worth, we still had an awesome game…just call it a Whose Line Is It Anyway round where everything is made up and the points don’t matter, lol! But had we actually been playing properly these guys were putting up a good challenge and I still worked up a sweat.

Tag at the Clubhouse was a great way to kick off my day. So glad I had this group joining me for the session! It was still a good time for sure. We could have replayed the game, however I had to get back on the road.

Next stop…tiara time!

Vicky did great and I am delighted to say she is now the new Mrs. New York American!

The outgoing Miss New York for America Strong also happens to be one of my former pageant girls, so I had two ladies (ironically both named Victoria) to be cheering for today.

And as it happens the pageant venue was practically just down the road from Lasertron, so I headed over, but timing didn’t work out for me to get into a game, so instead I enjoyed the second best reason for visiting Lasertron…peanut butter gelato!

And THAT is how you make the most out of a day trip to Rochester. :)

Oh, and one more important thing…

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