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Armageddon Day 2: Tivigeddon (and Tron)

Day two of Armageddon began with Tron and ended with Tivigeddon. Born last year out of salvaging a day (after a system had to be dropped), Tivigeddon started with me saying “I’m just going to hop in my car and play tag at all the centers between here and there hotel. Who’s with me?” This time around these are the good folks who came with me. :)

This year I coordinated a plan in advance to take place following the Tron portion of the tournament.

We gave this system our best run, but ultimately it was our Achilles heel. We took our limited victory in this system where we could.

After the tournament games were done we headed off in search of more tag, starting with a visit to Jay Lanes in Douglassville, PA.

We played some Helios CE and just ran around that arena having a great time! Two games back to back and some fun running around their medieval themed, single level arena.

I had played at this location in the past and really enjoyed the banter with the manager at the front counter.

From there we proceeded to a newer arena in the area, Tiled 10 in Willow Grove, PA and vested up for some CyberBlast.

The arena is has a bright, jungle graphic design and theme on a single level across essentially two rooms.

It was fun to play, although I missed one element all together. Apparently they had the projection target feature with a gorilla, but I never saw it! I guess I should have kept a better eye out from this perch. :)

And by the end of this game we had all had our fill of tag (for the moment) so we proceeded with the formalities and awarded Scitchy with the first place Tivigeddon medal!

Time for dinner and sleep!

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