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Just PLAY!

I have become increasingly irritated when I read discussion online between players that claim to want to play tag, but somehow never do because they can't pull together enough people to play their specific way (SM5, forget everything else, does any other form of tag exist? - read my sarcasm), their specific day (a Tuesday night usually after 9:00 PM...does nobody have to work the next day?) and at their perceived level of quality (sure, tell everyone they suck compared to you and the handful of players who existed and then vanished years ago, that will bring more people to your party) and when that doesn't work then announce to the world that "tag's dead". RIP, end of story...sheesh.

I can say with certainty that tag is NOT dead. It thrives, there are more laser tag centers operating today than ever before (cite - my interview with Erik Guthrie), but it isn't Burger can't always have it "your way". I've recently played a few nights elsewhere and had a great time with the house being packed to full capacity (41 packs available, for two weeks in a row every single one was in use). I've had to leave the state to be able to find competitive opportunities because the apathy described above has killed every recently planned local tourney...but guess what. Albany just stepped up to the newest Zone equipment (Helios Pro). I expect good things to happen there now that they are getting their membership system up and running. New Hartford is about to have Gen 7 Laserforce packs... and size does not matter if it's the choice between playing or not. I've got a map with so many dots marking tag centers I plan to play this summer that it looks like the map has chicken pox! So far I have played in 85 different laser tag centers across 24 states and plan to make it to my 100th within the next few months.

So to those whiny players who say they want to play tag, but never actually do...I say JUST PLAY!!! Find a way, travel outside of your zip code if need be, but seriously, JUST PLAY! I cannot be the only person who knows how Google works. I know that my first Armageddon team captain is actually the person who maintains And the fact that in two years I have played in a dozen tournaments without being tethered to a local team/center in order to do it proves that if you want to compete and you actually do want to play tag you then it IS possible and you can do it too. So for crying out loud, STOP crying out loud and JUST PLAY!!!

The end.

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