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Ironman Champion

I didn't expect to play at Laser Quest in Danvers during my recent trip to Boston. I was there to see Rita Rudner perform for the Women in Comedy Festival. However, an early show time afforded me just enough time to get to LQ and get signed up for the Ironman...and feel pretty good being named Ironman Champion at the end. :)

While I maintain that every Laser Quest is pretty much the same as the next I did think this one felt pretty large. Although I wouldn't say spacious as there were ample structures to hide and shoot around.

Everyone in the game were twentysomethings who seemed like regulars here...well, almost everyone.

And a group of three guys who had their own little alliance were the primary competition. Especially one who I later learned called himself McDavid. Towards the beginning of the game I was a bit cheeky and shouted "pace yourself boys", but in actuality I think that's the best advice to anyone in an Ironman. It's twice as long as a regular game and even for those who play a lot of back to back rounds it can be a bit of an endurance game.

At the end I found myself at the top of the scoreboard (and on the top five players list for the day) and being handed the ceremonial red phaser for a photo op and a certificate for a free game, which I gave to McDavid since I wouldn't have a chance to use it again (even though since the closing of the Rochester site this Laser Quest is one of the closest to me so I guess it should be my new home site).

This tied for being one of my top two highlights of this trip. The other was being present for a surprise appearance by Bob Saget as he presented Rita Rudner with the Women in Comedy Festival Award for Excellence.

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