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100th Arena!

When the events in Utah we're over I called ahead to Outer Limits Fun Zone in Pocatello, Idaho. This would become my 100th arena!

I spoke to the manager Stacy to make sure that I would be able to play some Lasertron if I made the three hour drive north into Idaho. Timing this out would be tight as I had to return to the airport in Salt City in time to catch a midnight flight home. Stacy asked where else I had played Tron and when I told her about my goal to play my 100th arena at her center she was wonderfully accommodating. So, off to Idaho I went! :)

I arrived at the site and was informed that the ideal group for me to join would not be playing until 8:00. However, I needed to play sooner to make the pieces all fit into the schedule (and allow drive time back). So they were great to recruit a game with employees and some public players who were already there and I enjoyed talking about the other arena experiences that led me here.

While waiting to go into the game I bought a souvenir to take back home.

And then we went into briefing, got our vests and went in for some Tron.

To be honest I was exhausted from two days of travel and no sleep and I played a very marginal game. But I was also felt exhilarated when it was over as I drove back contemplating the fact that I have achieved this milestone number and have now played in 100 arenas...and still counting!

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