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Weekend Getaway

I imagine most people who plan a trip out of state to play laser tag don't necessarily feel the need to warm up with a couple of games at a local arena first...then again, I'm that crazy person who leaves a tournament during the break to just go play more tag at another site before the tourney resumes! So since there was a two hour delay before setting out for Connecticut I decided to play a couple of rounds in Albany before heading for Newington, CT to play at their Laser Quest site. This was a great time!

Upon arrival I wanted to snap pic...

...and so did manager Mike who photobombed! Lol. :)

Next I needed an inside photo for the Laser Quest selfie contest, so we took a moment before going in.

Then by the time we were done with that a group of 17 players had shown up ready for the Ironman. Excellent...bring it on!

This game felt great from start to finish. I had a fantastic time playing here. I miss having a Quest arena nearby. This night was a lot of fun and I captured first place with what I believe is probably my highest LQ score yet.

That score won me a free frozen yogurt next door at Menchie's.

When did I become one of those people who take pictures of my food? Yum! This was a great night of travel and tag.

The next day was a chance to play at Spare Time in Bristol.

I must say, every Spare Time I have been to has had very well maintained equipment. They use Rift packs here and compared to the beat up equipment I'm accustomed to at my home site it is such a treat to play with packs in top functioning condition. Actually, this was a little different from other experiences I have had with Rift as I have never before played this system with stuns. Those different settings made this game even more interesting.

Visiting Connecticut again was a nice weekend getaway and on the way back I had contemplated trying to stop at one more site, but decided the detour to a nearby Lazer Runner site was too far out of the way. However, there was a different Runner site in my path a couple of days later.

After getting back to NY I had occasion to be in Cooperstown. So I took the opportunity to visit the Cooperstown Fun Park.

This was my last opportunity to check this place out before they close for the season later this week. The arena is constructed with tarp-style barriers and is small, but I could certainly see it being fun for the kids teams that populate the town during the summer season. For me it was a chance for a chance to get in a light game at a site I've never visited before.

It feels good to have three sites already getting me off and running towards playing at my next hundred arenas. ;)

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