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Catching Some EZ Air

It was still fairly early in the day when I made my way over to EZ Air Trampoline Park and Laser Tag. Of course I want to play during the peak hours as much as possible, but getting to all the places I want while also allowing for enough travel time sometimes means I have to arrive at less ideal times. And yet, this almost never stops me from getting a game going. So was the case here. When I walked in and introduced myself the girl behind the desk remembered my calling ahead and welcomed me. This site runs Cyber Blast, a system I have grown to really enjoy, but which I had not played since the tournament in Ohio a couple of months ago, so I was really excited to play it again. There was a group of staffers available and ready to give me a good quality game, so I had the unique opportunity to play against the EZ Air game masters.

One of the guys started to give me a briefing and I listened to him go through showing me everything even though everyone here was already very clear about how to play. Then we took off into the arena for come Cyber Blast.

As I usually do I opted to go for my bases very early on in the game.

And then I focused on the players. I was pretty impressed with both the arena and the competition.

The staff did not hold back, they gave me an excellent and I would call this the first “real tag” of my trip.

And I was also able to pick up some tag swag, a t-shirt and some rubber bracelets (you know I love to take home souvenirs from the sites I visit!) and I chatted a bit with the girl from the front desk about some of what they do to promote tag. She told me that they have hosted small tournaments before and that there are a lot of college students involved with the local fraternity/sorority scene that come in to play often which makes for plenty of competition. They had an excellent special on tag that night when I expect their main crowd of players would be arriving, but I had to hit the road to keep on schedule as I had tag in Sacramento on my mind. So I thanked them for a great experience in Nevada and began my road trip in my rental car with my sights set next on tagging that night in California.

Thank you EZ Air!

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