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Nevada, Here I Come!

I had packed up a week’s worth of luggage and was ready to leave for the airport at 3:30 AM to catch my flight and after making two very tight travel connections I had arrived in Reno, NV to start my most intense laser tag trip yet. My goal was two-fold…I wanted to visit as many different laser tag sites as possible between Las Vegas and Seattle to make the most out of every second and experience all I could along the way like a laser tag buffet (sample a bit of everything). And I also wanted to knock out a big chunk of my long range goal to play laser tag in all 50 states. I figured I could fly to Reno and play in Nevada first. Then I rented a car and drove to California, after a couple of days I’d drive north through Oregon and play as many sites as I could there and do the same thing through Washington until I got to Seattle. Then a thought occurred to me…I may never be closer than this to Alaska, so I should make an effort to get up there too. With months of pre-planning I added one more flight to my agenda to get me to the last frontier and was ready to follow through with an aggressive itinerary to visit 26 laser tag arenas over the stretch of vacation time I had ahead of me. So when my plane landed on the other side of the country it was ready, set, Reno!

It sounds a little cliché that the first place I ended up in Reno was a casino resort, but this is because they were only five miles from the airport. Just in case anything prevented me from getting to my main Nevada destination I wanted to have at least one game of tag under my belt…even if it was technically before noon, local Pacific time. Although I must say, if you have the desire to play laser tag in the middle of a weekday a casino is as good a spot as any for finding people at all hours. So I walked into Fun Quest at the Grand Casino Resort and was able to join a small group for a casual game of Laser Runner.

This place probably had the best arena I’ve ever seen for Runner as many times it seems this system is played in small afterthought kinds of arenas, but this site had a slightly more spacious feel in an eighties-geometric designed space with raised levels and a decent amount of room to hide. Kudos on the arena!

I considered this my warm-up game before really getting off and running. I had another tag stop planned in Nevada before really getting this trip under way and making the drive to Sacramento before the evening. So I said goodbye to Fun Quest, detoured for some sushi for lunch (after crossing three time zones I was hungry!) and continued on my way towards tagging the west coast.


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