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Members Party

Last night our local Force center hosted a members party and I have to give them credit for pulling together a really fun night of laser tag. Although I have had some criticisms of member nights here in the past, this event was a great time and brought together a nice cross section of abilities (players ranging from level 3 to level 7), a variety of formats to play (some advanced games that we don't typically play on public nights) and an overall chill attitude from everyone (read "egos checked at the door"). So this was well worth the drive out on a Thursday...and the fact that I didn't have to get up for work the next morning was definitely a plus! :)

Thanks to Sanch for hooking me up with my new chip card...

Hopefully this will be more universally usable when I travel to other sites and sign in as a visiting Syracuse player since using my laminated member card has been a little hit or miss.

We had pizza and I was feeling a bit domestic earlier in the day so I made some rice krispie treats for the party I'll make them with peanut butter. ;)

We played a variety of games ranging from Photon (love it!) to Color Conquest (sat that one out because 1. I really dislike that game and 2. I was more interested in seeing what Mallory had to say when she went live tonight) and even DnD (which I don't even try to keep track of). We played some SM5 with zero drama breaking out (huge success!) and when Tom loaded up Vampires I asked "why do you hate us?" so he switched it to something WAY more fun...shadows played completely in the dark!

Had some interesting chats about tag in between the games. I got some feedback from Sanch about a few sites to make sure I visit on my next few travels out of the area...even one I may have to check out in St. Catherine's, Canada on my next trip up to Toronto. Zammy chimed in about some other systems and I was truly shocked when he told me he had actually played Photon. I was shocked because he's only about 20 years old and he said he played Photon in Florida when he was 10, which would have put him there roughly in 2007. He insists he played using the whole helmet/heavy belt combo. Now, I showed him a pic of Photon and will take his word for it, but can anyone drop me a note if you know where in Florida it could have been plausible to play Photon in 2007? I'm genuinely curious and there's got to be a Photon warrior out there who remembers.

We also chatted a bit about the last time we played on a team at Baltigeddon. It led him to comment that our team was all Force players "except for Tivia and Lenny" (and I'll add RNT to that for him). So Sanch asked what does he think Lenny is if not a Force player? And then I had to ask "and what category does that mean you put me in?" to which he answered "you play everything!" So I will take that a compliment because I may not fit into any particular box, but I am glad that my label is that I'm versatile and have played "everything". Just FYI, so far I've played 18 different laser tag systems and hopefully I'll take that up to 19 when I visit Mississippi in about a month.

And the night ended with some news... Unfortunately Snowmageddon will not be happening this year, however there is some optimism that another event I've been hoping for (but not holding my breath) may actually happen this spring. So I may have to ready a couple of guys from work to rep for our office in a couple of months. More on that if/when it develops. But as far as I'm concerned that meant the night ended on a high note and I had a great time so thanks to everyone who came out for a really enjoyable members party!

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