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Southern States Trip: Arriving in Arkansas!

This past weekend I decided that the arrival of a burst of snow in New York signaled that this was a good time to fly south for the winter…or at least the weekend. :) So I boarded a plane bound for Little Rock, Arkansas and then drove a little less than an hour to play some tag at Jack and Jill Funzone in Pine Bluff.

Upon arrival I met Terrence who owns this family entertainment center featuring Zone Rift along with his wife Tonya. Let me say this man was the definition of southern hospitality! Although I had called ahead a couple of weeks ago and spoken to Tonya, Terrence was a little surprised to have a blogger from New York show up in the middle of a Friday asking questions and wanting to play some laser tag. However, once he finished working with the group that was there (who clearly had a great time and were ready to plan their next party outing at this site) he gave me a thorough tour and treated me to a one on one game against him.

The arena went mostly lengthwise in a somewhat small space that was actually larger than I would have guessed. It’s really an ideal size for their birthday party clientele. No bases, just a straight game of tag throughout a space decorated with Creative Works walls maze structure and the occasional monster painted on the wall that looked vaguely reminiscent of the Photon Warriarr.

There were some mirrors that offered spots to tag a reflection, so you have to watch your back! It was a good game and definitely a good time. Laser tag has been part of their FEC for about three and a half years now and south of Little Rock this was the only tag site I found in the state, so I was appreciative to get the opportunity to play during my short window of time in Arkansas as I continued my way south to Louisiana.

Once we were done we took a couple of pics outside of the arena. I loved the painted walls…is that possibly LaserTrek I see depicted? Very cool and unexpected!

Thank you to Terrence and Tonya for the chance to play some tag in Arkansas!

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