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Photon For My Birthday

I should have worn my Clerks shirt that says "I'm not even supposed to be here" because if not for the nor'easter that blew through the east coast I would have been on a plane bound for the west coast with full intentions of tagging at Stratum in Mesa, Arizona for my birthday. However, due to the weather my flight was cancelled and I spent my birthday playing laser tag in Syracuse. Actually, this was just fine by me. I'll reschedule my trip in a few weeks and today I appreciated all the well wishes from various characters in my life including this guy...

Thanks David. :) And I got to bring some of that Photon attitude with me as "Tivia" made it to the top of a game of Photon emulation.

Now, I know that not everyone will understand what those photos have to do with each other, but for those who get it you can tell that this was a pretty great way to round out this day. And a FB like from Eros Rivers (aka Parcival) sure didn't hurt anything either. :) As for Stratum...I'll be on my way to Arizona just as soon as the aftermath of this lovely snowstorm is cleaned up in NY. :) I'm actually counting my blessings that I wasn't out traveling in this mess. Silver linings and Photon birthday blessings. :)

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