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Too Much Fun at Chipper’s Lanes!

I got a bonus stop while in Fort Collins, CO with a recommendation that I stop by Chipper’s Lanes. This place was too much fun! The staff here are so upbeat and keep this place fun for all ages. When I arrived they gave me a real VIP welcome (who me?) and we got a game in right away playing some Nexus and a format that was new to me, Rainbow Solo, that was described as a “king of the mountain” game all about the bases. Only one base would be on at a time and whenever that base was deactivated it would reactivate a different base in another part of the arena. Since I very rarely get to play specialty Zone games this was a real treat!

We began of course in the briefing room where we watched what I would call one of the top two briefing videos I have EVER seen…(this runs neck and neck with the briefing video at Adrenaline Zone in Missouri). I know this screen cap doesn’t capture it, but trust me, they produced it locally, but it was done REALLY well.

We put on our Nexus packs…

…and then it was time to head into the arena.

I really like the double level arena that includes some winding ramps that add for extra playing area. Check out the squirrel creature on the wall shooting laser beams on their airbrushed walls!

The arena itself had some familiar elements.

And when all was said and done I was given a prize for highest accuracy…a roll of Smarties! :)

This was a fun group to play with and a good game for so early in the day.

I’d be remiss to not mention the “queen of the laser beams” Becca who was so enthusiastic. She and Tini and the whole staff made this a really fun experience.

It was a hot day so I was glad to walk away with a cool Chipper’s Sipper.

Thanks for a great time. Too much fun tagging at Chipper’s Lanes!

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