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I had spent a full night tagging in Glendale and getting in some practice for the upcoming tournament (more on that when we get there) so I had just come off of a very full day of tag before starting all over again and playing my way down the rest of the state. On my last trip to California I played from Sacramento northbound. This time (since I had already started things off with San Diego) I decided to play the whole southern part of the state as best I could. So the next morning began with a visit to Ultrazone Alhambra.

This part of the state is definitely heavy with Zone sites! So bring it on!

This site uses Rift and in a strange way reminded me a little bit of FJ. That was nice.

While some people have lesser opinions of Rift I thought it was nice to play using it again for nostalgia if nothing else. There were good, strong beams and it seemed to play well.

I forgot the map as soon as I entered, so I took a few twists and turns while locating the bases.

There are quite a few dead ends on the bottom floor. However, it’s a solid arena with a simple aesthetic and ramps that get you to an upper level.

I waited around after the game to check things out. Thanks to Willy for taking the time to show me around. Nothing like a little Zone to start your day!

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