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Here On Laser Island

For many years I used to direct children’s theater. When I walked into Laser Island I got the sense that this is the kind of scene that I would have built if ever I had asked my students to perform a show based on Gilligan’s Island.

The briefing and vesting area is all in the same room as the arena. Once you got past the entry sign the room was decorated with hand painted island themes from corner to corner of the single level space. I donned my Helios pack and walked my way around the room from the waterfall…

…to the volcano…

…and the ancient ruins in between, including a little structure that housed bases that were not working.

I walked it because this game was packed with kids half my size and I will NOT go in and be a birthday basher. That was not the purpose of my visit. So I just meandered around the maze (which was larger than I would have expected at first glance.

Then I chatted a bit with the game master who admired what I was doing and very helpfully directed me to a Laser Quest that was only minutes away from where we were. This was greatly appreciated and so off I went to find a bonus Quest in my path. Farewell to Laser Island!

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