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Members Night at Invasion Laser Tag

Sometimes things work out better than you could plan. If my original travel plans had worked out I would have played Invasion Laser Tag in San Marcos on Friday, but instead I walked in right in the middle of members night and was welcomed as a visiting Laserforce member from Syracuse. When I walked up to the counter the woman there asked me how experienced I was and I replied “Level 6”. So she walked me over to the arena door where Shawn was loading up a game I was not familiar with called Counterstrike. How is it possible I’ve not heard of this? Well, because he created it…I suppose Shawn is the “Lenny” of this site programming original games. This was rather apropos because it was an elimination game (perfect right before an elimination format tournament the next day). I was introduced to the San Marcos members before the game started. I had such a great time playing with these guys including Das, TheActUp:):):), The Guy, Firecracker, Apoca, SuperDave and GoodolJohn (hope I didn’t miss anyone) and then we got ready to play.

These were two minute elimination games and I only caught the last two before they moved on to a different format. It was very fast paced and I enjoyed watching one of the members on my team duck in a corner and get taken out from above (ok, playing a little fast and loose with the rulebook, but very fun to watch!) and then it was on to a standard game.

It was such a treat to play hard against some different faces and still know that this was an experienced group of players. I felt like I had a responsibility to represent Syracuse well this game. I’m pretty sure I did considering this was my first game played throughout the full arena.

Although I was not permitted to take photos in the arena I can say it was a very nice, spacious layout. Looks a little like this…

…with one of the frequently seen creative works mainstay pieces in the center, so you can pretty well imagine for yourself (or look back and you’ll see quite a few pics of the fixture I’m talking about in other arenas). What was most interesting to me were a few extra targets (yellow and purple) suspended from the ceiling in places I didn’t initially know to look for.

The arena played very well. Lots of good spots to get shots and take cover and I learned it pretty quickly which was useful when they indulged me in a round of my favorite game…Photon emulation!

A few of these guys were familiar with the game. The one who knew it best was an old school player named Das who I really enjoyed chatting with. When we introduced ourselves and I said I play as Tivia he immediately recognized “from Photon, right?” and I was delighted that someone got the reference! :)

This was a great time and I am so thankful that I was able to experience a members night at a different site. This couldn’t have worked out better and just reminds me that when your first plan doesn’t work out the way you expect there is always a higher plan and a reason for everything. So I believe the reason my travels were initially delayed was to set me up to be in the right place at the right time to play this members night in San Marcos. Thanks guys!

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