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Laser Tag Kitten

I recently stumbled upon something too perfect for words... (or purr-fect...sorry, couldn't resist!)

The Laser Tag Kitten 2 artwork in this art print was designed by artist Hillary White who describes herself as "a fan/child of the ‘80s which is where I get a lot of my inspiration - I’m on Facebook, IG, and deviantart: @hillarywhiterabbit. "

When asked her about this piece of art Ms. White offered some background:

"Society6 noticed my ‘80s inclination and invited me to be in one of their Art Quarterly books, featuring retro art: So, that’s what inspired/prompted Laser Tag Kitten 2 - lasers, kittens, and cool shades are a combo that belonged on notebooks, trapper keepers, and possibly needed its own Saturday morning cartoon... (I actually ended up being inspired to make another design right after the kitties and contributed that to the book instead...also ‘80s themed, of course.)"

I became an instant fan of her work which can be found at . And of course I ordered some awesome Laser Tag Kitten merch from the stores which offer custom products featuring her designs including TeePublic, Society6 and RedBubble.

As for the products, they were all great! I have the coffee mug sitting on my desk at work and the print hanging in my home studio. I was actually in need of a new travel mug and very impressed with the sturdy stainless steel one that arrived. And after adding a zipper to the tote bag I can easily see this replacing my current go-to tote when I'm on the road. Needless to say I also bought the t-shirt. So pretty much in the span of 24 hours I shopped my way into being a walking billboard for this artist and her awesome design. :)

Thank you to Hillary White for sharing a bit about this piece and for giving laser tag a cool representation in your 80s themed collection!

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