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Detouring to Fall River

Every time I've passed through Massachusetts in recent years I've wanted to detour over to Fall River to play at Laser Gate...apparently home of the Lazer Gator.

Up until now the detour would have taken me too far off my path each time. However, on my most recent trip Massachusetts was just a stopover on the way to New Hampshire, so this time schedule was not so much of an issue. I drove to the southernmost part of the state and found myself in a parking lot that...well, let's just say did not inspire confidence. That's not a slight on the business itself, just on the fact that the locale did not appear to be in the greatest area and I wish that the parking lot had been a little better lit. Safety first. I quickly made my way into the building and stepped onto an elevator bound for the fourth floor.

When I got up to Lazer Gate I stepped off the elevator and had the option to turn left for a few of the attractions or turn right to get to the laser tag arena. I walked to the front desk to purchase my game pass as well as a membership card (although we never quite managed to get the membership set up...the wifi connection wasn't very strong).

It was a moot point as the game was being called in and it was not that big a deal, so I just entered the briefing room with the other players. There was a big group there! The briefing room was a plain atmosphere with a few risers and worn gray carpet. Honestly, it didn't align with what I expected. I was anticipating something a little brighter and newer looking to go with what I hoped I'd find in the arena. The game master did a really quick rundown and then let us into the vesting area to suit up with the Helios Pro packs.

The group was divided into teams of several colors, I'm not certain how many, and we entered the arena. This is where I was struck by a few things. For a place that looked rather rundown in some areas (talking about the exterior, lobby and briefing areas) this arena was really nice in a lot of ways. This double level arena had some AMAZING lighting and prop accents on the lower level. There was almost a Photon like quality to it.

In the center there was a display with floating cubes and orbs...

...and...a display of an alien autopsy?!

These interesting elements did not seem to connect with any kind of theme, but they were actually much cooler than what you can see in the pics. Throughout the arena there were some game elements that surprised me. This place had pick-up pads in the arena and yet no typical base like what I expected to see. I found what I assumed to be alternative bases, but even though they seemed to register shots I don't believe I actually deactivated them. It was unusual. I wondered how I could be confused in a Zone game.

I explored the various corners of the arena which actually seemed a little unfinished comparatively. It was an interesting juxtaposition between stark simplicity and ultra cool effects. The upper level was more functional, but less aesthetically interesting.

And I'm not really sure where the gator comes into the theme, but I bought a t-shirt to take home anyway.

I only stayed for one game because it felt sufficient and I knew if I left then I could make it to LQ in Danvers in time for the Ironman. I also wanted to get back to my car as quickly and early in the night as possible. So I said my goodbyes (the staff there was great) and continued on my way north towards Boston to play a little more tag and get to my hotel before proceeding on to New Hampshire the next morning.

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