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Syracuse Members Play Pittsburgh

Spencer and I met up with Logan at the newly opened Scene 75 in Pittsburgh and I was struck by something interesting (and I say this with humor)...with the three of us getting together here we probably had more Syracuse members playing Laserforce in Pittsburgh than made it to members night that week! (Lol...just a joke guys)

Scene 75 was running Gen 7 LF in an interesting double level arena.

Logan and I were able to log in with our RFD cards, but Spencer will need to get his card updated from 'Cuse because for the moment as it does not appear they are focusing on membership cards here. When we entered I took a few moments to meander the maze and locate the bases.

There are ramps to access the upper level, which I like. I am less wild about the idea of arenas incorporating stairs, although they had those here also.

Now, the last time I was at a Scene 75 I heard a little piece of trivia and was told that the person who does the artwork for all their locations incorporates a hidden "Easter egg" type character somewhere in each of the arenas. I remembered this, but could not find the character this time around...the closest I found was this clown in the vesting room.

But we didn't spend a lot of time on that because after playing some Force we were all ready to grab a bite at the "Food Truck Alley."

I grabbed a souvenir drink cup to take back and we enjoyed some lunch while catching up and talking tag. It was a very nice experience playing at Scene 75 Pittsburgh and I will definitely plan to return!

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