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Weekend Acquisition

Sometimes players who enjoy a lot of laser tag at a particular arena develop an affinity for a particular pack. I've referred many times to how when I played at Fun Junction I always considered Legend to be "my pack". Of course towards the end when Razz took a liking to that one I let him take it and I transitioned over to Rocket being my new go-to. Strangely though I never felt that connection to any particular pack at my home Force site. But when the opportunity to purchase one of the old Gen 6 packs came up I had to give some thought to which one I would like to claim as my own personal souvenir of the era when I played there prior to their recent upgrade to Gen 8 Infinity packs. Incidentally, I am proud to say that the Syracuse site was the third (or at least tied for third) site in the United States to get the Gen 8 packs, so that's a big deal for us locally.

As for the Gen 6 packs, I'm appreciative that the owner offered members the opportunity to acquire a piece of our local laser tag history. These packs may not be anything particularly rare at this moment in time, but they are special considering how many hours we've spent wearing them on the weekends. Although I had no particular favorite, I figured a good choice would be the Gecko pack (in homage to my little lizard Leon). But that one had already been spoken for, so I thought about which other pack had some significance. Even though I've joked about it I was NOT going to claim X-Ray (it's Cody's favorite so I didn't want to be THAT person) so instead I asked for Eliminator.

What's special about this one? Well, it was just randomly grabbed to be the one that you see (through the magic of photography) in what one site owner refers to as my "tag glamour shot" that can be found on the home page of my website.

So, if I was going to pick one to keep I figured this was a meaningful choice. I'm very appreciative that I was given a chance to add this to my collection (which is miraculously growing in ways I never expected) and that I will have such a cool souvenir of all those nights in Syracuse.

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