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As ridiculous as this may sound, I somewhat deliberately opted NOT to return to this site until now simply because until just recently I struggled with how to count it on my list. I played here when it was Laser Edge, totally skipped over the whole interesting era in between and this weekend I returned to Clinton Township, MI to play this site, now under a new name and ownership as Revolution Laser Tag.

This is a Laserforce site that many of my friends in Syracuse have play fairly frequently. At this point I've established some new parameters for how I will count arenas that I've played in different incarnations like this one. I won't count it twice, but I will recognize that it has gone through some significant changes since I was here least I think it has. I haven't been here since Armageddon in 2015 and at that time I was too early into my blogging to realize I would want photos of the arenas I played, so I can't say for sure that my memory is entirely correct. I do recall the last time there was a spaceship kind of prop in the middle which was conspicuously absent this time around. But a few things were familiar to me. When I made my way to the upper level I had a very specific memory of this hallway.

And much of the rest of the arena seemed vaguely familiar as well.

But I believe this must be a new element because I have zero recollection of either this structure or the tablet beacon being here before.

I didn't originally expect to be traveling in this part of the state, so I didn't plan in advance for this particular visit, but I appreciate that Beanz called ahead to give them heads up that I'd be stopping in. I had a chance to visit with some of the regulars here including Jesse at the front counter who had some great suggestions about which other arenas in the area to visit and also Avenger and Schwifty Taco, just back from the random draw tournament in Syracuse. It was kind of fun to surprise them by showing up as an unexpected level six which they didn't realize until the first game way underway. We only played standard team games during the time I was there, but I enjoyed their AYCP night which included pizza and a drink, so it was a good value. I also appreciated getting to bring back a t-shirt. However, I was unable to stay for more than a few games because I was trying to experience as many arenas as possible, so I was off and running again before too long. Even though it was a bit of a haul driving from the Detroit airport to Okemos and then back again to the other side of Detroit in one afternoon I am really glad I got to check out Revolution Laser Tag and get in some great Force games before I left Michigan. :)

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