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Awesome Time at Laser One

My last stop of the night was to Laser One in Wantage, NJ. This turned out to be one of the most enjoyable of the day because I really got to play a proper game of laser tag using a system I don’t get a chance to very often.

I drove around to the side of the plaza (had some momentary confusion because the site can’t be seen from where I had entered) and I was greeted at the front counter by Brielle who was also the game master. She had me fill out a waiver and was kind enough to give me a tour of the place before the next game went in at 10:00. When we walked into the briefing room I commented that I was glad to see a Darklight pack and I think she was a little surprised that I recognized it on sight. However, it ‘s a treat to be able to play this system because I come across it so rarely.

The lobby area had a nice wall mural space scene to indicate the entry to the arena.

There was also an arcade area and a spacious concession area, which I would have sampled except having gone most of this day without eating I had detoured over to McD’s before getting here! So I just sat for a few minutes until our group was called in for briefing.

Brielle did a very good briefing that included describing an element of the game that either I just simply don’t remember or it might be a variation on Domination. She explained that the gems could be captured with your team’s color, so I paid special attention to that and held a couple for quite awhile, which may have ultimately factored into my score.

When we entered the arena the bells chimed as they typically do to start the game and then the space was filled with pulsing rock music that really set the tone. I like when you hear something a little different like this and it gave the game a more intense vibe.

This arena is HUGE! I don’t know the square footage, but I was told it is one of the largest in the state (so perhaps rivaling Branchburg in size?) and although there was really no theme or décor to speak of once inside the arena, it really didn’t need it. The multi-level space speaks for itself, unadorned with simple black walls.

There were a few grates here and there so that you could tag players from above or below. I was cognizant of that and used it to my advantage a few times. One thing that cost my opponents some points was undoubtedly traveling together in pairs, but one lone wolf on the other team broke away and did very well. I enjoyed the game and the competition tremendously.

When the game was over I headed to the counter to retrieve my scorecard. There were a few set out with the placements visible in large type. When I picked up the first place scorecard one of the employees said “I knew it was her!” which made me smile. By this time they all knew that I was going to be blogging about my trip, so I handed over a couple of the glow in the dark wristbands I had on me so they could find this blog.

BTW, I’m going to be announcing very soon what I have planned for International Laser Tag Day where I’ll have these wristbands to share, but if you are a blog reader in the United States and would like one (totally free) just drop me an email with your mailing address and I’m happy to send one your way!

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