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Sunrise, Sunset...aka Miami-ish

This past weekend in Miami was not intended to be a tag trip...but who's kidding who, every trip is, right? Tag is life! The trip was also not intended to detour to the airport in Sarasota, but whenever I travel I just roll with things and this change in plans meant getting to visit Laser Quest in Sunrise, FL a little ways outside of Miami was unexpectedly added to the agenda, so everything worked out pretty well after all!

This turned out to be the start of a really fun night. Not just because I got to play some LQ, but because this site showed us all a really great time! We got into a game right away and I explored the maze. Honestly, I don't remember anything particularly distinctive about the left and right towers, but at the far back the third tower was like a gorgeous neon crystal castle! All sorts of crystalline designs were artfully painted on the walls and this became my favorite spot in the arena.

Another thing that made this site memorable was the staff, particularly game marshall Chance who led a group of adults in several front of house "mini games" in between tag rounds. In the past I have watched these games be played with children at various LQ locations, but this was the first time I'd been part of a group of adult players who got to act like children and it was such a blast! We were all getting into it as Chance led the group in "Don't Flinch" with a big blue ball, "Bank, River, Sidewalk" which was reminiscent of elementary school gym class and "Zap" where he would point to one person and the player directly on either side would have to point to and yell "zap" before the person directly on the other side of the first player could do so. Everybody was really getting into it! That was probably the most memorable part of the night besides the laser tag. Well, that and picking up another magnet for my collection. :)

The staff here was great. I enjoyed chatting with them about my tag travels and when I shared some of the photos from Texas and the promo pics we took in Mississauga one team member was positive he had seen my picture before and thought I might have been on one of their banners. Interesting! I'm not certain if that is actually so (we didn't find it in any case), but as I did give LQ my permission to use those images it's kind of cool to think my pic might have ended up on a banner somewhere.

Unfortunately, this first night in Florida was a little rainy, but I got a pic in front of the Sunrise center and left with great memories of another terrific night at Laser Quest. Many thanks!

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