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Mom Learns to Laser Tag

You can probably tell from the way I'm dressed that this was an impromptu visit to play laser tag at Zero Gravity. I took my mother into Albany for an event and thought that this was a perfect opportunity to introduce her to the game.

Yep, we played laser tag like this, cute polka dot dress and all. Now, she has a vague notion of what I do. She is supportive and wears the wristband (and maybe reads this blog now and again), but she really didn't have any real idea what it was all about. When we entered the vesting room it was all completely new to her. Fortunately, we arrived late enough in the evening to get a private game and she was able to learn at her own pace.

Mom got an equipment tutorial before touring the maze. Her face upon entering the arena was one of total astonishment. We walked her through the space with a tour of the ramps, bridge and bases. Then she put her fierce game face on...

...and it was time to play. She did well! The game master went in as well for a little in game coaching. Mom took her first base and then proceeded to stalk me. I think the time flew by and at the end she seemed to have really enjoyed the experience. I'm glad we had this opportunity for her to finally play a game of laser tag. Rematch soon? :)

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