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Return to Hendersonville

I’m sharing a few of these stories out of order because I had to play the sites a bit out of order too. Because Holder Family Fun Center/Adventure Alley was closed for a private event while I was in town I had to make my way down to Murfreesboro first and then drive back an hour to return to Hendersonville to play at this site. By the time I arrived things had slowed down and the corporate group they were hosting had left. I told the game master that I was in a hurry because I now found myself pressed for time to get back to Nashville, so he took me in for a quick round of CyberBlast so that I’d be able to check out the arena.

This must just be my weekend for Tron tubes and classic CW aesthetics because when we walked into the arena I say some of my old familiar friends…we all recognize this guy, right?

But this time the structure had a Blast target attached and peeked out of the upper level of the arena.

This is where I got a bird’s eye view of the familiar aesthetic and also where game master Chance and I played it out with the phasers.

For the first part of the game I was mentally taking notes about the targets, which could be hit from certain angles and I think I lulled Chance into a false sense of security because I let him get a few easy shots on me. Then when I decided I was ready to really play it was game on and I took that lead back with a vengeance! :) I say that all in good fun, but I do realize I surprised him as I came around one corner and then instinctively knew he’d be headed around the other side where I was waiting. That’s one thing I’ve noticed about playing in CW arenas is that they are fairly predictable maps. So we finished out the game (I won, but probably mostly on target points) and I thanked him for letting me fit this game into what had been a very full day before leaving Hendersonville.

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