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The Day I Deliberately Played No Laser Tag (aka Armageddon Day 2)

Yep, you read that right. And here’s why…

Day two of Armageddon started for me at 3:00 AM when I set out for Syracuse to get on the bus that would take us to Lasertron in Rochester. Sigh...although I think this is a really impressive facility I can't say that competitive Tron has ever been my forte. That’s putting it mildly…it’s really my least favorite system in tournament competition. I understand the areas of laser tag that I'm good at, but I also recognize my weaknesses and competitive Tron is definitely one of them. Fortunately, I am on a team with some strong Lasertron players. And since I didn't sit out at all in yesterday's games (as we are fielding a nine person team, but can only play eight at a time) I voluntarily sat out as alternate today. I was of course ready to sub in for Cecily if needed because of her ankle injury, but also very confident that this girl would not need the backup because she is fierce.

Equally fierce are the other Tron players in our group including Wil, Emily and Dallas, so I felt like our team had a very good chance to make up some ground in Rochester. That’s why I was happy to hang back and be the cheerleader for this system, knowing I can contribute far better in the others.

I have little to add to a Tron discussion other than this...Rochester has a beautiful arena and a windowed viewing area for watching the teams compete.

But the most important thing is not how the arena looks, but rather how it plays, so our team strategized a bit over the map to put together a plan.

I think reffing first gave the experienced Tron players a good chance to watch and identify the other teams' strategies. When it came down to it our team did very well. As soon as they returned from the first game I could tell this was the right approach. So our team took the win in both games against The Storm-anators. Then two more successes against FSA. While they were in this second round I was pacing, praying and all but actually chewing my nails because it would be a shame to ruin this manicure painted in a "Purple Nurple" color... they started strong, gained the lead, lost the lead and then made an awesome comeback!

I am very proud of my team and their performance. And although I love all laser tag, I don't love every system equally, so I'm glad that I was able to let the stronger Tron players do their thing while I get psyched up for tomorrow's events which include my favorite system, Zone!

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