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Back To Buffalo

On my way home on Sunday I knew I’d be passing through Buffalo area, so I returned to a tactical tag site that I really wanted to play when I first discovered it a couple of months ago. Now that I was headed back to Buffalo (or Tonawanda to be more specific) I would have my chance to play a round of tag at Buffalo Battleground.

I had only a limited window of time to play here because I had to get my rental car returned to Syracuse on schedule, so I called ahead and they were great to coordinate an early 1v1 game for me with staff member Brian who gave me a tour of the arena. This is a large and very spacious indoor field where they use the Battle Company (formerly known as Laser Tag Pro) tactical equipment.

When I’ve played with this system in the past I’ve done so with the headset sensor, but I actually preferred playing without the headset as they did here.

Brian and I each started the game at respawn locations on opposite ends of the arena with boxes respawn when the phaser passes in front.

When the game began I headed directly into the center structure. I expected there may be access to a second level, but that was not the case.

This was just one of several structures and obstacles in the arena where a player can take cover while targeting the sensors on an opponent’s rifle-style phaser.

If you want to get some height there are ramps that get you to higher ground.

But the arena is mostly open space and looks like they can accommodate large games. Brian told me that they typically play game formats including Domination, Death Match, Infection and Free For All with occasional special events like Star Wars themed games for “May the 4th Be With You”. A typical session would last about an hour and include several games, but since I was playing beat the clock we just did one short team game so I could get experience their field. I absolutely loved this game experience and next time around will have to challenge my Buffalo area teammates to come try it out as well!

There are plenty of other activities offered at Buffalo Battleground as well including airsoft, mini bowling and even axe throwing…have I mentioned I’m a former Lumberjack Princess? Bring on the axe throwing!). They also have an interesting game I’ve never encountered before called Snook Ball. It looks like it’s a hybrid of soccer and billiards, which is thoroughly unique and I’ll have to try it the next time I get back to Buffalo.

Thanks to Buffalo Battleground for accommodating a game to fit into my schedule and a great way to close out this trip. I definitely hope to visit again soon!

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