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Laser Storm at Skyway

My last stop on Saturday night was to play some Laser Storm at Skyway Drive-In in Warren, OH. I had no idea what to expect, but when I played Armageddon last month with George Raptis I told him I was looking forward to visiting his site next time I was in Ohio and I was really glad that opportunity presented itself this weekend. All I knew was that the site was somehow connected with a drive-in movie theater, which was an interesting twist. I didn’t even realize until that evening that my Armageddon teammate Dave Hatt worked in the concession building and plays at that site also. So, when I got there I was looking forward to visiting and playing some Storm, which is a always a rare and special occasion since there are no Storm locations near me.

I drove up to the drive-in and saw what looked like a barn building off to the left of where the cars were parking for the movie.

I never would have guessed how awesome this place was on the inside!

I’m told that the colors and décor in the lobby were early Creative Works designs. So unlike what I typically recognize as their work! But inside the arena was exactly what I’d expect a Storm arena to look like, and since they were fresh off of hosting the Storm Nationals there I imagine this design was particularly reflective of the ideal map.

I watched the first game from the observation deck above.

Then I got into the action with the group of about a dozen players who came out to enjoy some laser tag. Time to put on the Laser Storm pack (wait a sec…isn’t this one of Logan’s packs?) and get in the game!

My team won two games of Laser Storm in a row. Hmmm…pretty sure THAT didn’t happen at Armageddon, lol!

I wanted to take a closer look at the scores (I was player 18).

I did better here than the last time I played, however none of us actually tagged the base (which I wasn’t actually aware of until after the game).

Every time I play Laser Storm I feel like I learn a little more. Actually, when the group took a break I got a chance to learn quite a bit about the inner workings of the Laser Storm pack as George opened one up and showed me how the last two binary switches make the pack go into test mode.

The last switch is for green and the second to last switch is for red.

He explained some of the inner workings and that if I could acquire any version 5 pack I’d be able to use my current one for practicing Storm skills. He also gave me a very important piece of teching info…make sure the wires come out of the harness in the direction you see here, aka don’t put the battery in backwards!

Thank you for the tips and the pack education George! I really had a great time visiting Laser Storm at Skyway Drive-In and would love to return next time I’m in Ohio. I also enjoyed talking tag and meeting some of the local players. This was a great way to complete my evening in Ohio. After calling it a night I was planning to drive back home, so I stopped for coffee and headed back towards NY (getting as far as Erie, PA before stopping for the evening). I had so many wonderful experiences and will take away lots of great memories from this adventure!

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