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The Light Shines on League Night

This past week’s league night format was none other than Photon emulation, so I showed up dressed for the occasion.

All that’s missing is the helmet. :) I arrived at the league night in Syracuse having not been home for four days and dead tired from my trip, but I couldn’t fail to show on Photon night. Although this format provided some challenges, we held our own. I may be the only person at our site who really likes playing this game and frankly, three team Photon is not exactly Photon. But to quote something I said to someone a few weeks ago “would you rather play the game with a few quirks or not play the game at all?” Well, we came, we saw, we played and we actually started out pretty strong.

I took the high score of the night with that showing, but it was a far cry from getting me beamed up anywhere (there’s a reference nobody on my team will get). I’ll say that I am a little surprised after that start that we didn’t keep stronger momentum throughout, but we did take first in half the games and second in the others. I expected to deliver more consistent performance personally, but this did come on the heels of a long, tiring tag weekend and really the only team we actually lost to was THP, so all in all we pulled it off in all other ways, so we did just fine. We’re now trailing THP by a few points, but have a good margin for the rest of the competition. And really it won’t matter significantly until finals anyway, so I think most of us are of the mentality that we just want to play and have fun. And that’s what we did. Although I think you can understand how by the end of the night I was flat on the floor.

Since I hadn’t been home yet I still had those Q-Zar packs in the back of my car and I want to thank Sanch for going through them with me and soldering a loose wire to make sure all was in good shape with them. All was good there, I got home around 11:00 at night and then I really dropped, knowing I had to be back at work the next day. But all the way around I couldn’t have asked for a better weekend of tag. And ending with some Photon emulation ensures that the light still shines. Well, at least to tide me over until Phocon! :)

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