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Only a Simulation

This past weekend one of my clients hosted an event that included something very similar to laser tag (using IR, but targeting a screen rather than another player), only with real world practical training application. His business is a firearms shop where he will soon be implementing the Laser Ammo simulator to allow people to practice targeting AND get better educated about handling real life scenarios via a video simulator that will be accompanied by live instruction with a teacher. I first became familiar with Laser Ammo last fall when I tried it out at IAAPA. This is only a simulation…however, I think it is a very valuable resource based on what I saw and experienced when I tried my hand at the system.

I was first offered the chance to try some targeting at the screen using this hand held unit.

I started by getting familiar with the system by focusing on a still target (please disregard that one errant shot).

Then we moved on to a video game simulation with moving targets, sort of akin to playing Duck Hunt or another game for getting some practice with the equipment. Here’s how I performed.

Then we advanced to a sample of the training module that included a video of a simulated real life scenario where you had to make judgement calls and also react like you might in real life, including shouting "STOP" at the person on the screen and determining what actions are correct when facing the decision to defend yourself. I was pleased that I made the right decisions and that my targeting was on point when required for this training module. Although most laser tag is in no way a fair comparison, I believe this simulator is a resource that will be useful in helping people to learn safe practices and it’s being accomplished using the technical principles of laser tag. I’m glad I had the chance to try this simulator out for myself.

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