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Crossing Through Canada

Sometimes truth sounds stranger than fiction…at least that’s how it felt as I was leaving Detroit and explaining to the customs official at the Canadian border that, yes, I really was just crossing through Canada to play a couple of games of laser tag and then proceed home to New York (which meant at least 13 hours of travel involved). You see, when he asked me where I was going (London and Kitchener) and what I was doing there I told him exactly where I was headed (Palasad South and two Laser Quests) so he then asked what special thing was going on at Laser Quest? Well to me, the special thing was just to check off a couple more sites and hopefully bring back a couple more magnets for my collection. Certainly it’s clear that this is the face of someone who needs no special reason to go play tag, right?

He skeptically looked at me and said “you travelled all this way just to play a game of laser tag?” LOL, if only he knew just how far I have frequently travelled “just to play a game of laser tag!” But clearly my enthusiasm translated that this was indeed enough reason for me to cross through Canada, so he sent me on my way and I proceeded towards my first stop in London, Ontario which was to play a game at Palasad South.

This is a really nice facility with bowling, bar and grill and more. A party group was just arriving when I approached the laser tag counter and signed up for the next game of Delta Strike.

There were a few minutes before the game was to start, so staff member Josh showed me around their 5500 square foot, two level arena.

The space had a CW design aesthetic, but one feature I notices was there were several mirrors placed throughout that were cut into the unique window shape, which gave some additional reflective surfaces for bouncing the beams (which I always like) and yet because they were the same shape and size it made you take a split second to decide whether the opponent you saw was on the other side of a window or just your own reflection!

This was an enjoyable game, though I played lightly considering the 17 players joining me were mostly party kids. Still, it was a chance to get in a game, so I put on my pack. I smiled when one of the moms asked if I was the laser tag police, lol.

And that was the start of my day playing at Palasad South in London, ON.

Before I left I ordered a pizza for the road. If you ever stop by there let me highly recommend the “Athena” pizza…delicious! Then I proceeded across town to my next stop on my Canadian day trip.

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