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Arrr…Off On A Pirate’s Quest

Royal Pin Woodland is home to a Pirate’s Quest themed two story laser tag arena and I was ready to check this site out next.

I’ve got to say, this is a beautifully done arena. I inquired about who designed the aesthetic because part of it looked like Creative Works (which it was), but some elements were their own design as well. Let me say, the new LED black lights really make this arena pop!

Manager Isaac set me up to play a game against Sam and, although there were a couple of false starts, we enjoyed a really nice game using Nexus.

Isaac told him he was playing for the honor of Royal Pin. Smile…that was a good vote of confidence for him going in, but I could tell that Sam was from a different department because we played a game that was set for stuns and I’m pretty sure he didn’t have that piece of info going in. Well, regardless, it was a good cat and mouse game in a space that did the theme well.

And since we had just played some tag with a pirate ship theme I figured lunch from the sea was fitting, so I went over to a local sushi restaurant for a bite to eat before continuing my afternoon of tag.

And if ever you are near the Naked Tchopsticks restaurant in Indianapolis let me say it is definitely worth taking the time to stop…this orange specialty roll was delicious!

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