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Incrediplex Lives Up To Their Name!

Last weekend’s trip to Indiana began with a mid-morning arrival in Indianapolis on Friday. Although many laser tag sites don’t open until later in the day, I was really pleased to know that Incrediplex was not only open early, but that the facility manager Kyle was willing to make sure I could get in a game and give me a tour right away so that I could make the most of my entire visit to Indianapolis. So this was my first stop on a whirlwind 48 hour adventure!

Let me tell you, this place really lives up to its name! While laser tag is only a small piece of their business, this 200,000 square foot facility is really impressive! This was evident even before I got into the building when I saw the list of all the attractions that are offered here…

…and when I saw the map. Yep, when a place needs a map you know you are entering something enormous!

With four basketball courts, five full size turf fields, a fitness center and even more attractions on the way (keep an eye out for a spots simulator coming soon) this is a place that offers lots of options for athletics and fun. At this hour of the day there were a few guys playing on the basketball courts when I arrived, however there would probably not be too many kids around until later in the day. However, when they arrive they have a full assortment of arcade games, a four story playground and bounce houses galore.

Kyle showed me the Eurobungy attraction which looks like a blast!

There’s also a café and bar to enjoy, so this facility is accommodating to entertainment for all ages.

As always, my main interest is the laser tag arena where they have up to 20 Helios vests available for use in the 1800 square foot arena. It’s a smaller space, basically all built within a narrow rectangular space, but it had a few really unique characteristics.

First, they are using a Lazer Runner arena set-up even though the vests are Zone. This aesthetic is familiar looking, however it also adds a little bit of a twist.

I’ve played with Zone equipment in Tron arenas several times now, but I believe this may be the first time I’ve had the experience using it in a Runner arena and what makes this a little different is the way the lights on the vest appear throughout the game. Check this out…

While Lazer Runner vests use fiber optics and the strips on the vest only glow with their color, the bright LEDs on a Zone pack reflect vibrantly against the reflective surfaces in this arena. That means you can see the lights in the dark, but you can’t necessarily tell which direction they are reflecting from. This made things interesting!

Also, the cut outs in the arena walls play a little differently with these packs also.

So the juxtaposition of the two system elements made this a more interesting experience.

I want to thank Kyle for taking the time to get in a game with me and show me around this amazing facility. Incrediplex is an incredible complex and I had a great time starting my visit to Indianapolis here!

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