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When I called ahead to Three-Two-Fun at Bowl 32 in Noblesville, IN and was told that they have a “first of its kind in the US” 4D interactive arena where the arena fights back and you can play it alone if you show up at a time when there’s no group playing I was intrigued. This site uses Laserforce Gen 7 and I thought I was sufficiently familiar with what this system had to offer, but this sounded interesting to me.

What they are actually referring to is a “Living Arena” which does feature some elements that can “fight back” (like a warbot), however in my opinion these elements simply enhance a typical group game. It’s great that they have the extra target hidden inside this spaceship.

However, I don’t think I would find it very satisfying to try to play this arena by myself, even though they said I could. So, it’s a good thing that the in-house laser tag pro Craig was willing to jump into a game to make it interesting. :)

First Craig showed me the various games that they feature at this site.

Although a few of my favorites were missing (no Photon emulation?) it was good to see that this site is working towards building leagues and competitive play. Perhaps as they grow they’ll add their SM5 players into some of the tournament scene. But for now we played a basic 1v1 or “Lone Stars” game. I wonder if it’s called that everywhere and I’ve just never noticed or if they got creative and came up with that name themselves? We entered the arena and the first thing I noticed was…MY BUDDY!!!

OK, for those of you keeping track the total for the wristband contest just went up by one, lol.

Most of this two level arena had typical CW elements I am very well familiar with seeing.

However, I LOVE artistic walls and they had some absolutely beautiful art painted on the side walls. This waterfall actually made me a little nostalgic because it resembles blue lightning.

Kudos to Craig on a well played game. I signed in as a level six and he signed in (for only the second time) using his card as a level one, which is an interesting dynamic when there are only two people in the space and yet in spite of my three shot handicap his final score was only 200 points below mine, so I call that a decent 1v1 for sure. Then we chatted a bit about his plans for growing the player interest at this site and I wish him all the best. Hope we get to play against each other again sometime!

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