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Making My Way to Airway

When I arrived at Airway Fun Center in Portage, MI I was already playing beat the clock with one more stop left to go before returning to Fort Wayne. You see, I had dinner plans with Amber and I didn’t want to be late…especially since I hadn’t even stopped for lunch today! So when I hit a time in between groups I was appreciative that Taylor was willing to go 1v1 with me to play some Delta Strike so I could stay on schedule.

I smiled when I saw the arena…for reasons I won’t go into I was particularly heartened to walk in and see these walls…

This is a smaller arena inside a much larger overall entertainment facility. The design made good use of the space with some levels and it was appropriate for the kind of game we played.

But the feature that stood out to me the most were the bases. First, I don’t get to play Delta Strike often and I can only recall once that I got to take aim at one of these bases (other than at their booth at IAAPA last year), so you can imagine how much I appreciated getting to not only play, but watch the base deactivation trigger a fun reaction.

Fog is fine by me when it sprays upwards! And I love when something unexpected is added to make the game a little more interesting. I enjoyed this stop and particularly getting to play something a little different during the course of this day. Thanks for a great time Airway Fun Center!

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