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The “Stealth Elf” Inside the Castle

I’d been trying for quite some time now to get to Spokane, WA, but it hasn’t been the easiest goal to accomplish due to geography and flight schedule. I had a long day getting there, first making my way to Boston, taking a six hour flight from there to Phoenix and then connecting with the additional flight to get me to the far northwest corner of the country, all for the sake of playing laser tag. My main purpose for heading to Spokane was to check off another LQ site, but while there I wanted to make the most of my one evening in town and so I started with a visit to Wonderland Family Fun Center.

Well, to be accurate, my time in Spokane really started with dinner after the long trip at a sushi restaurant and this delicious avocado boat!

But after a dinner break my energy level was back up and I was ready for some Lasertron. The building is shaped like a castle, so I felt a little like a princess walking in.

And inside I played a round of free for all tag with a stealth elf named Nate.

Now, not to be confusing with that’s name (as there is a player in Syracuse who goes by that code name), but that name just seems to fit because he was one of the most stealth players I’ve gone 1v1 with. He was so stealth the entire game! So, to go along with the castle theme I’m going to borrow that nickname that works so well for this guy.

We both maneuvered deftly around the small, single level Tron arena at the top of the staircase.

It was a light and fun game and a great way to start my trip. Typically this center runs two back to back games, but for the sake of time I just played one round and had a great time getting kicking off the evening with something fun!

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