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Flipping Out Over Flipper McCoy's

I headed down toward the beach to a little tourist stop arcade called Flipper McCoy’s. All I knew about this place was that they had a Delta Strike system, so I walked in and went up to the counter looking to get into a game. The employee behind the counter was a little…low-key (ok, so no flipping out there exactly). But since there was nobody else playing tag he agreed to do a 1v1 with me in what they describe as their interactive laser tag arena.

There is an unusual lack of flow to this arena, but an abundance of extra elements. It’s a single level space with a backwards L shape and a familiar theme, but what really makes this arena unique are the added targets. There are three interactive targets to shoot, but when they turn red they will target you as well.

There is also a portal that you can tag to change it to your team color making it safe for you to walk through as long as it stays your color. Power-ups like rapid fire and shields could be earned by hitting the targets below the screen stations. And two satellites can target players in the game as well, so there were plenty of elements to keep track of during this game.

Although it looks to me like the arcade is the main focus of this site I enjoyed take some time out just off the beach to enjoy a light game before moving on. Many thanks for a fun side trip while in Virginia Beach!

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