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My 300th Laser Tag Arena

This weekend something special happened...I played my 300th laser tag arena at Laser Quest Wichita! This visit to Kansas also allowed me to count Wichita as my final LQ in America. As of now (unless any more should happen to open) I have played every currently active Laser Quest location in the United States. And this was the perfect way to complete that journey.

My day began with a 3:00 am wake-up (as most of my tag trips do) and it was early afternoon when I arrived in Wichita and was greeted by manager Nate who hooked me up with some tag swag and most importantly...the proof!

I told him I wanted to play a couple of games right then and afterwards I planned to travel two hours north to visit friends in Topeka (and yes, play a little more tag, which is why I had to make this number official before doing anything else) then I would return later that night to play the Ironman. So I signed up for the first available game which included some public players and a birthday group. Fortunately, it also included a more experienced player, Grant (aka GGGUnit14), who I was told in advance is one of their regulars who is quite good and mostly comes in to play for cardio. Perfect! I introduced myself and he asked me if I was “the legend”, to which I said “hardly...just a prolific player” because even though I’ve played at a lot Laser Quests I don’t really get to practice often because there are none in NY. Still, it was flattering that he knew what I was there for and we agreed to do some dueling against each other in the orange tower and this was a fun way to get a little more competitive. Such a great time!

The arena is large and a more classic LQ look than some of the others I’ve played recently.

The fog makes it hard to get good pics inside the arena, which is a shame because the banner glowed neon bright under the black lights...

So once it was official we took a few pics outside instead.

After a couple of games I left for awhile to visit with my friends who live in northern Kansas and returned later in the evening to learn that there was a packed arena for the 9:30 Ironman. This looked like the start of a great game!

Sure enough, this proved to be a wonderful time. 33 players made returning for the game really worthwhile and it was a great way to round out a long, but very enjoyable day.

BTW, the top score was Grant using an alternate code name. Nice game!

I was only able to stay in Wichita for just this one evening, but I’m so glad that these are the memories that I will have to look back on when I think about the completion of my “quest” to play at every Laser Quest in the USA (truly laser tagging America) and where I played my 300th arena.

What’s next? Well there are still five more LQs for me to get to in Canada! ;)

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