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Five Years of Blogging

This weekend I celebrated my fifth anniversary of launching this blog, although to be specific today is the actual anniversary of when I posted my first entry. That was long before I ever thought anyone would actually read it, lol…many thanks to those who do! I got a few nice congratulations from some celebrities who have a little something to say about their laser tag experiences also…

I can’t believe how much has happened in the last five years! I look back to the early days of my blog when, quite frankly I was clueless, but I was having a good time just journaling about “what happened last night at tag”. From there I’ve had remarkable opportunities…playing laser tag across the country and in every state in America, getting to play a game of laser tag with George Carter III on the 35th anniversary of his launching Photon, being asked to create content beyond the scope of this blog for the Laser Tag Museum and (letting the cat out of the bag now) working on pre-production for an upcoming Photon documentary. All of this stems back to five years ago when I had the simple idea that “maybe I’ll write about playing laser tag.” This has been an amazing journey and I feel so blessed to have had all these experiences that I’ve been able to chronicle here. Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to read this blog over the last five years!

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