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Feeling Healthy at Home and Looking Back on An Adventure

Well, the world has changed a lot since I set out on my last laser tag adventure only about two weeks ago and it appears that it may be a little while before my next one. I am writing this almost a week after returning home from a seven day journey that started before all the newly heightened concerns about COVID-19 resulted in many businesses being temporarily closed and in my state of New York all non-essential workforce now being sent home indefinitely. In hindsight I can’t believe I was out traveling the week before all this really started to unfold and I am feeling blessed and fortunate to be safe at home and feeling healthy. What I am going to share with you in my upcoming posts needs the context of knowing that when these things were actually taking place we were still operating in a relatively normal society and simply taking what we believed to be the appropriate precautionary measures at that moment in time. And as not every state is necessarily taking the same actions as mine, I think it also needs to be acknowledged that the variance in when and how things took place was also reflective of where I was at the time.

I’ll tell you that I personally witnessed a great deal of care being taken at many of the laser tag arenas I visited to ensure sanitization of surfaces and equipment which was part of why I was so confident then (and continue to be confident) in the responsible actions of the laser tag industry and the owners of the laser tag facilities that I visited. During this time I received many emails from laser tag sites proactively informing me about the steps they were taking to amp up their cleaning and sanitization processes in an effort to keep customers and staff safe. I also received a few messages from locations that opted to temporarily close on their own terms. I respect both decisions. Now in New York the decision has been made for the facilities by our government as all entertainment venues in this state have been instructed to close for the time being while much of the rest of the state’s workforce is also being directed to stay at home. I have been working from home ever since I returned just to be on the safe side. Again, I feel perfectly healthy and believe the responsible actions of many of the laser tag facilities I was visiting probably has a lot to do with my continuing to be healthy, so I thank them for their attention to cleanliness. I will not hesitate to return to support my local laser tag centers as soon as the restrictions have been lifted. This will be a difficult time for all industries in our country, but I remain optimistic and pray we all stay safe and healthy as we move past this crisis as quickly as possible.

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