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Upcoming Laser Tag Mock Radio Broadcast

It’s been far too long since I’ve shared anything about laser tag on this blog. And of course, that’s because it’s been far too long since there have been any laser tag locations open anywhere. But I am glad to say that it appears there are opportunities emerging for some to re-open in certain parts of the country and I look forward to the time when New York tag arenas will be opening again too, even though we are still likely a few weeks away from that happening.

I have been working from home ever since returning from my last tag trip in March and I only just returned to working from my office this past Wednesday, so I really haven’t had much new to share until this week. While I continue to wait for my next opportunity to get back into a laser tag game, I’ve been offered an opportunity to use my broadcasting background and lend my voice to a mock radio broadcast drama that will help keep the spirit of the game alive in the meantime. This is a player-created project written by Laser Quest player Daniel Leach (aka MamaHydra) who is assembling a cast to bring to life an audio drama following the “live action” of a laser tag tournament. I’ll be playing the part of color commentator Renee Roccasalva and I’m looking forward to getting back into a creative voiceover project, particularly one that showcases laser tag.

On a somewhat related note, this photo memory from another voiceover project popped back onto my radar last week because it was taken almost exactly four years ago when I was recording in NYC with Joanna Cassidy. It’s astoundingly poignant to see memories like this pop up right now because it reminds me of just how much has changed over the past few years. I remember that following this session several of us were walking up and down the streets of Manhattan in search of a place to sit down and have dinner. Even sitting down at a restaurant is not possible in New York state right now under the current restrictions! I’m so lucky that I got to travel and have the opportunities I did when I did (laser tag and otherwise) because so much of it is just not possible to do right now. As I write this, I continue to hear news reports…not just about the state of our nation from the COVID pandemic, but also about the riots that are happening right now in cities throughout our country. I don’t know when travel will be safe or possible again and that makes me wonder about a lot of things that will likely be different once we get to the other side of all this. So, until that time, I’m glad to have an opportunity to record from home and live my adventures vicariously through a creative outlet like this mock laser tag broadcast. I’ll certainly share the link once this project is completed and I thank Dan, both for taking the initiative to launch this creative effort and for the opportunity for me to be involved. When it’s done and available to listen to, I hope that wherever you are you are safe and get to feel like you were right there in the middle of all the laser tag action!

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