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Direct from the Source: Laser Quest President, Jeff Morris

This past week there has been a great deal of speculation among the laser tag community about the future of Laser Quest (Versent Corporation) and their centers in North America. I believe it’s best to get the facts directly from the source, which is why I reached out to Jeff Morris, president of Laser Quest. Here is what he had to say... “We will not be selling equipment to the general population. There are a number of groups of people who are looking to take on various centers. The negotiations are often not with us, but rather with the landlords, so the delay is that they are dealing with the landlords. Groups are looking at centers in both Canada and the U.S. Laser Quest is not a franchisor in the traditional sense. We may be interested in letting potential business owners purchase equipment to operate businesses.” - Jeff Morris, president of Laser Quest (Versent Corporation, North America)

I want to thank Jeff for sharing what information he could at this point in time to address some of the questions that people have had. Only time will truly tell how things may evolve in the future, but there is one certainty, which is that what you read quoted here can be attributed to an authoritative source rather than to rumors. I greatly appreciate the trust and candor that accompanies that.

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