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An Awesome Arena…Believe It Or Not!

A last minute addition to my Branson itinerary turned out to be a really awesome arena located inside Ripley’s Super Fun Park…believe it or not!

I chatted a bit with Dave about my travels from upstate NY (an area he knew surprisingly well!) before he led me up a stairway towards the arena where we would play a game of Gen 7 Laserforce.  Let me start by sharing the first thing that impressed me…this display of backlit poster images.

This is eye catching and a really smart way to use the promotional art that best showcases the system. I know of an industry pro who was just recently advocating the use of digital posters in place of traditional and I think this illustrates how impactful that can be.

Once vested up we entered the arena. It’s a single level space with two primary base stations, but multiple additional targets including two sets of generator target chains and a center box-style base target positioned at the top of the flag being hoisted by our heroes.

This was a beautifully designed arena that appears to be the work of Art Attack. Every wall honors the American heroes of various branches and/or spotlights iconic American imagery.

A fire truck and police vehicle are the structures built up as base stations with coordinating theming in those base areas.

The Rosie the Riveter image still resonates as the original “girl power” banner.

And I WANT YOU to play some laser tag here! :)

There are beacons scattered throughout the arena, including above this lit archway, so plenty of opportunities for picking up bonus perks.

And at the end of a game I thanked my worthy opponent and stopped for a pic by the monitors to remind people of the best reason to stop by Ripley’s Super Fun Park…namely, laser tag!

My thanks for the hospitality and the great game experience!

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