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An Excellent Start

Where on earth do I begin with my most recent tag trip? Well, the very beginning started with a video shoot earlier in the day and finishing up some work obligations, which meant by the time I got on my way to Maryland on Thursday I was already playing beat the clock. I pulled into TILT Studio Valley Mall in Hagerstown, MD and was told that laser tag had just closed for the night! But thanks to the awesome manager Mariah, not only did she open it up for me to get in a game, but she arranged for Wyatt (a staff member who had just gotten off his shift) to play against me. I am SO appreciative that they made this happen so I could start the first night of my trip by checking off another arena and getting in a good game!

Wyatt is a new staff member, but an experienced laser tag player here, so I appreciated playing with someone who would be a good sparring partner We walked over to the arena entrance and as soon as I saw the animated gorilla projection I said “good, must be CyberBlast!”

We entered a nice two-level arena, which may be the best that I’ve seen at a TILT so far. It’s basically a perimeter on the top overlooking the lower level with a decent number of targets scattered throughout.

I noticed one wall where I could tell the projection target would normally be, but the projector had been turned off. No biggie at all, since they were letting me play after the arena should have been closed. I was impressed that Wyatt kept pace so well because I was moving this game, ready to burn off some energy from the long car ride from New York. I played hard and so did he, but in the end we walked out and he told his friends out front “she cooked me!” However, it was said in that way that lets you know a quality game just happened with mutual respect for each other’s skill. Thank you to Wyatt for not holding back in that game!

This was an excellent start to a trip that would later present some very cool and unexpected events along the way. I left TILT, went to get some sushi for dinner and then headed to my hotel. That was Thursday night. Who would have guessed that night would be the last bit of sleep I would get between then and Sunday evening? Let the adventure begin!

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