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Closing Out the Summer Tagging in the Midwest

Wow, did I ever have an intense, but amazing tag trip that took me to 21 laser tag arenas across Wisconsin, Minnesota and Illinois! For one solid week I have been on the go, building this adventure around a gathering that was scheduled over the Labor Day weekend. Seeing my friends was the primary reason for the trip, but I can’t help but turn any vacation into a laser tag adventure!

There are so many stories I want to share about all the arenas I visited, so I will be posting quite a bit in the coming days. However, just to hit you with a few highlights…

I had a wonderful time touring the Battle Company headquarters in Wisconsin and playing a few games with their staff in their on-site test arena.

I beat my own personal record when I played ten arenas in a single day!

I toured the newest Scene 75 location in Chicagoland, which has only been open for about two and a half weeks.

I played laser tag at the Mall of America at Tactical Urban Combat.

I met up with friends (including an in-person reunion for “Mark Agnew” and “Renee Roccasalva”.

And I got to spend time hanging out with some of my favorite people on the planet!

And while I was away, I also launched the latest podcast episode as I talked with Emily Faltisco, aka Shadowdragon.

So, check out more about my journey as I update all the full stories from my most recent Midwest laser tag adventures!

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