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Conquering the Castle

On my way to Long Island over the weekend I detoured to a laser tag arena that is not too terribly far away from where I live, but somehow is one that I had never visited before. This is the Castle in Chester, NY. I have to say this is one absolutely BEAUTIFUL arena!

When I arrived at the Castle I was impressed by the entrance.

This is like a small amusement park with indoor and outdoor attractions. I was directed to go past the go-carts into another building and down the stairs to find the laser tag.

From looking at their website ahead of time I was delighted to learn that they had the upgraded v4 Lazer Runner gear, which I have only played once before “out in the wild”. Playing with the new phaser style makes this feel like a much better laser tag experience than the previous generations of this system’s gear.

They run an ongoing game that players jump in and out of, so the game marshal activated my pack and sent me into the game with one young guy who had already been playing and then a couple more players joined us midway through. This has always struck me as an unusual way to run laser tag, but it was fine for me. I could tell that even though I was not playing hard at all that I was right on the edge of frustrating the guy, so once there were other players added in, I broke away to explore the nuances of this really stunning airbrushed, multi-level arena.

Appreciating the artistic look of this space was definitely my best takeaway from this visit. I commented to the game marshal about how gorgeous I thought the arena was an I asked if there was a manager around that I could speak to. I wanted to impart how impressed I was. However, the staff member said no, there was no manager available. Hmm. Ok, so I thanked him and left, heading over to the redemption counter to ask again.

I asked over there if there was a manager I could talk to. The staff member wanted to know why and I told him I am a blogger, impressed with what I saw and I wanted to find out more about who designed this arena. He got on the walkie-talkie and the manager relayed to him that I could go to their website and find a video of the artist there. Well, I have looked, but I do not find that video. I was sorry I did not have a chance to speak to the manager directly (which I think is unfortunate simply as a customer making the request), but regardless I will say that if they see this review later on that I think the Castle has a beautiful laser tag arena and I just wish I could have told you so when I was there. Many thanks!

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